BATTALION ORGAN ARMOUR has created a unique blend of ingredients that aims provide ultimate organ & central nervous system support and protection. Our new advanced formula supports all the major organs in the body that are most susceptible to damage due to various environmental factors. Our leading formula contains the most potent forms of active ingredients to ensure the highest standards of quality & efficacy. Our ingredients are thoroughly researched & backed by science. Organ Armour is manufactured in a SAPHRA licensed laboratory, following all FDA guidelines. Our main active ingredients known as Choline & N-Acetyl-L Cysteine have been clinically studied with evidence suggesting remarkable improvements in many biological functions, NAC has also been found to assist the process of muscle protein synthesis. Hawthorn Berry has many health benefits including improvements in blood circulation & lowering of high blood pressure, Co-Enzyme Q10 has been proven to support cardiac health. Cyanocobalamin & Zinc have additional benefits in combination with all the above constituents. Our aim is to provide the highest quality to ensure our consumers yield real results.

Disclaimer: Our Organ support supplement is intended to assist and support general health & wellness only. This Category D medicine is not meant to replace chronic medication or proper diet & nutrition but is only meant to supplement it. The use of NAC & Choline in our supplement falls within the guidelines provided by the FDA. NAC is not permitted to be used for unintended purposes not listed above.

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Organ Armour properties:

  • Blood pressure support
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
  • Ultimate liver support
  • Kidney Repair & support
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Cardio support & Heart health
  • Repairs Skin & Reduces Skin Damage
  • Supports the CNS
  • Brain Health & Support
  • Promotes Cellular Growth & Metabolism
  • Immune System support
  • Improves Memory, sleep & mood
  • Protection of Cells


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  1. Wayne

    This product really does wonders, worth it.

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