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About us

Battalion Sports Nutrition welcomes you to the new age of dietary supplements.

Our aim is to assist our consumers naturally and safely without the use of banned or hidden substances.
We understand the specific requirements of people in the sports and wellness industry, and we have invented new innovative ways of combining natural ingredients to bring the best results to fitness enthusiasts, sportsmen and women as well as anyone who is health conscious.

The key function of Battalion products is to enhance performance and promote good health simultaneously. Battalion supplement formulations are unique.

We keep the needs of our consumers in mind. Instead of promoting the sale of our products, we want to promote the purpose of our products to our consumers.
We make high quality products that are manufactured in a certified, quality controlled lab in South Africa.
We use raw material, all natural ingredients and our products contain no propriety blends guaranteed.
We believe everyone has distinctive needs and goals to obtain, and we want to give consumers a variety of options to suit them.
We think outside the box, we focus on the needs that others disregard, so we can give everyone remarkable supplements that work for them!

Everyone in the BATTALION is part of a team.

We are family.
We are a clan.
We work hand in hand as brothers and sisters in arms. Battalion Sports Nutrition is more than just a supplement company, it’s the differential aspects of brand values, professional etiquette and putting the needs of people first, that makes Battalion Supplements a brand you can trust.
It’s our passion for fitness, health and wellness, and it’s the people that inspire us. Battalion is not just for one, it’s for all.


What inspires Battalion

The inspiration behind Battalion Supplements arose from a profound interest in ancient mythology & legends as well as an undying passion for health & fitness. The drive, focus, hunger for perfection and uniqueness is what drives this brand.

Thus combined, it brings to you the stylish designs of Battalion® with the highest quality ingredients that goes into these formulations. A fine combination of style, vigor and professionalism.