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November 13, 2020

What the health??

Do you know every ingredient in the supplements you take? You probably have a rough idea, right? Good. 

You ought to have all the details and know the nature of the ingredients you are ingesting and your purpose for taking them, not just what was “marketed” to you or what is currently “trending”. Supplements are a great way to support your health and provide additional nutrients that your body may need. However, it is good to remember that your diet, (the way you choose to eat daily) is the key factor when it comes to staying healthy. Battalion Sports Nutrition SA ensures that all our ingredients are listed so that our consumers are fully aware of what is in our formula. The reason for this is simple, we have nothing to hide. We carefully formulate our supplements based on scientific research. Our methods are to ensure our supplements perform! We do not settle for cheap, easily accessible ingredients. Our ingredients are imported for quality purposes and is GMP certified. We aim to provide quality over quantity. We take our time, quality takes time. You can be assured that what you get is genuine and free of banned substances or harmful ingredients. 


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